The world's first brain massage

The first massage chair combining a full body massage with BODYFRIEND’S Patented Brain Massage feature a total of 14 automated massage modes and an embedded touch switch.

Fantastic. Well-designed . Top-end.

Packed with innovative features and surprises that both hobbyist and therapeutic users will love.

Concentration & Meditation

Kneading and tapping massage for the neck, shoulders, and back to increase blood flow to brain while playing binaural healing music to enhance cognitive skills. Massaging acupoints found in oriental medicinal practices while listening to binaural music can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as stabilizing emotional fluctuations.

Auto Body Scanning

Sensors on back massagemodules accurately locate user’s shoulder

Zero Gravity

S & L Frame

Auto Leg Adjust

Zero Wall

Foot roller massage

Airbag Massage


Palm magnet shiatsu massage


Connect your personal mobile device to listen to music while receiving a massage

Quilted Interior Sheets

14 Customized Auto Massage Modes

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