Falcon massage chair

The Future of Affordable Full-Featured Massage

For those who've had doubts, we wholeheartedly recommend the Falcon. With its compact design, affordable pricing, and versatile features, it's the perfect choice for those with limited space, budget concerns, or anyone living alone.
Discover the comfort and convenience you've been missing with Falcon.

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Falcon seamlessly blends into any space

A picture of the Falcon massage chair in a modern living room.
A picture of the Falcon massage chair in a modern living room.
A picture of the Falcon massage chair in a modern living room

Compact Size with Sensational Design!

Discover the versatility of our massage chair, perfect for any space!

It's smaller than typical massage chair, making it a great fit for tight spaces. It boasts a sleek and elegant design in a warm greige color, making it a perfect addition to any space. The compact size doesn't compromise on style!

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Efficiently utilize even small spaces!

Falcon is the perfect massage chair among healthcare robots.
Its size is compact, and the Rovo-walking Technology works flawlessly.

 A photo of a woman comfortably seated and enjoying a massage in the Falcon massage chair.

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Create a cozy atmosphere with warm greige tones!

The warm greige color, a blend of gray and beige, adds warmth to the space.

A photo of the Falcon massage chair placed in the room.

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The Bodyfriend's advanced Robo-Walking Technology!

A photo of a woman comfortably seated and enjoying a massage in the Falcon massage chair.

A more dynamic massage sensation in healthcare robots!

Independent motion of the left and right legs provides an enhanced massage experience.

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1. Dynamic! Robo-Walking Massage

We've applied Bodyfriend's unique technology of independent motion for the left and right legs – Rovo-Walking Technology.

Falcon massage chair's leg movement An upgraded Robo-Walking for an enhanced stretching effect!
The extended leg range Conventional model: 65°/ Falcon:75°
Falon rovo leg speed increased by 2 times Original: 6mm/s, Falcon: 12mm/s

2. Experience core muscle stretching with the freedom of both legs.

With free leg movement, it provides a full-body massage experience, stretching and relaxing core muscles while targeting key lower body muscles.

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8 New Rovo-Modes

1.Iliopsoas Relaxation: Relaxes the core muscles with static stretches.

2.Cycle Mode: Boosts the flexibility of the lower body by relaxing muscles around the knees and hip joints with cycling movement.

3.Full Body Stretch: A massage course that supports the back of the head and pulls the lower extremities along with a massage around the spine to strongly stretch the spine.

4.Leg-Hip Stretch: Strongly stretches the lower body by supporting the pelvis and pulling the legs.

5.Piriformis Relaxation: Boosts flexibility by relaxing muscles on the back of the buttocks.

6.PNF Stretching: Combines the relaxation of muscles in the lower body and muscle exercises concurrently.

7.Rovo Refresh: Kneads and applies acupressure to the areas where fatigue is built up, providing vitality and energy.

8.Rovo Recovery: Boosts the flexibility of the legs by gently applying acupressure focused on the neck and waist.

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Bodyfriend Technolog

XD Massage Module

Offers massage intensity levels from 0 to 5 and adjustable massage ball spacing from 0 to 3, providing users with a customized massage experience.

Hand Pressure Pads

Hand pressure pads integrated into the left and right arm massage sections help alleviate hand fatigue.

*Patent Massager's Hand Acupressure Pad Technology, No. 10-1779083

Quick Dial

Easily control power on/off, robo-modes, and full-body angle adjustments.

3-Level Heating Function

Provides soothing warmth to the upper and lower body, with heating elements in the back and calf areas.

Airbag massage

Massages the entire body seamlessly with 36 airbags covering hands, arms, shoulders, calves, feet, and heels.

Enhanced Safety Sensors

Utilizes 14 safety sensors on the leg and back areas to alleviate safety concerns.


Falcon includes a 3-year limited warranty.

 Product Specifications

Power Supply 110V~120V
Rated Current 150W
Power Frequency 60Hz
Auto Timer 10min/20min/30min
Airbags Shoulders/Arms/Calves/Top of feet/Heels
Roller Soles
Massage Balls Back/Buttocks
Speaker 2 ch, 6W
Product Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions Reclined 71.2in x 29.5in x 33in
Dimensions Upright 61.4in x 29.5in x 45.7in
Warranty 3 year limited warranty