Bodyfriend Familie Massage Chair



The Familie Massage Recliner is a comfortable massage recliner with a sleek and simple design and Terra Brown color that fits anywhere. It offers various massage functions, including strong massages for the calf area, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy your rest comfortably.

Familie interior image

Performance remains intact even in narrow spaces

Maintaining its performance in a narrow space, this size is suitable even for small areas! 

Image of the back massage module moving 1.The technology of world-leading bodyfriend

The technology of bodyfriend, the top-ranked company in the world, is implemented through massage modules to provide users with optimized massages.

Focus on Calf Massage

2.Powerful Massage Technique

Focus on Calf Care

Effortlessly relieve swelling and accumulated fatigue in the calves with airbag massage, providing concentrated care.


3.Daily Variations in Fatigue, Daily Variations in Comfort

Customized Massage Program Tailored to Your Condition

 Providing users with optimized tailored massages through four automatic modes and five manual modes.

Automatic Modes: Neck/Shoulder, Back/Waist, Full Body Relaxation, Full Body Vitality

Manual Modes: Kneading, Tapping, Combination, Hand Tapping, Acupressure

ChatGPzero gravity mode on Familie

4.Unrivaled Comfort Unaffected by Gravity

Zero Gravity Mode, Adjustable Angle

Through ergonomic design, it envelops the entire body in comfort. The zero gravity mode, up to 136 degrees, evenly distributes weight to maximize massage sensation and provide optimal relaxation with the best fit and comfort.


5. Prevents contamination and facilitates cleaning

With features that prevent contamination and allow for easy cleaning, it can maintain the material cleanliness for an extended period, thus extending the lifespan of the product.

Convenience Features Enhancing Complete Relaxation

Familie has a bluetooth speaker
You can listen to your music through the speaker by connecting via Bluetooth.

You can charge electronic devices while receiving a massage. You can charge electronic devices while receiving a massage.

sensor detecting movement under the legs

There is a sensor detecting movement under the legs, ensuring safe usage.


Familie includes a 1-year limited warranty.


Power Frequency

60 Hz

Rated Current


0.5 A

Power Supply

110-120 V~



Massage Ball Range

Neck - Buttocks


Embedded Control

Product Weight

116.8 lbs (53 kg)



34.6 (L) X 27 (W) X 56.3 (H) in



41.3 (L) X 27 (W) X 37 (H) in