Bodyfriend inside of my bag

 Now, the massage gun has to
"be pretty"
"be small"
"have 1 year warranty"

Man and woman hold a mini massage gun

No. 1 massage chair brand in the world
Bodyfriend's first MINI series

With superior quality and differentiated design the massage gun is the first in the MINI series presented by Bodyfriend.

The Brand which has ranked first in the global massage chair market share for 4 consecutive years in the Frost & Sullivan survey.

Relax your tired muscles anytime, anywhere with a massage chair at home and a mini gun outside.


BLDC Moter
Durable BLDC motor 3 levels of intensity control Simple one-button operation
Mini size that fits in your pocket Super light weight High performance battery


Introducing the Bodyfriend MINI MASSAGE GUN

Point 01

Optimized size for performance

massage gun size

With a miniature size that fits in one hand and the lightness of 414g, you can use it with one hand for a long period of time. Its compact size fits easily into a small handbag, making it easy to carry. Now you can have massage with mini massage gun anytime, anywhere.

Point 02

Charming design

massage gun picture

Simplistic and charming design, mini gun has pastel colors reminiscent of cotton candy. With round curves, it features ease of use to people of all ages and genders. Slim handle allows comfortable usage to even for those with small hands.

point 03

Equipped with high-power, high-performance BLDC motor

massage gun's motor

The high-power, high-performance BLDC motor vibrates at up to 3000 revolution per minute and massages deep into the fascia. The BLDC motor is characterized by low noise and high durability. It can be adjusted to three levels. The more pressure you apply to the area that needs a stronger massage, the stronger the massage will be.

point 04

Easy 3-step intensity control with one button

massage gun's button

With just one button, you can adjust the intensity of the three levels depending on the user's condition, from light massage to powerful massage. The one-button simple operation method makes it easy to use even for the elderly who have difficulty with unfamiliar machines.

Levle1 2100 RPM

Level2 2500 RPM

Level3 3000 RPM

point 05

Minimal operating noise


Use it without notice even in public places. It is a low-noise brushless motor, and it is quiet with a noise level of less than 56Db even at the top speed of 3 steps.

*Noise measurement results at a distance of 20cm from the front of the device may differ slightly depending on the environment of use.

point 06

Customized massage for each part with 4 types of heads

massage heads

From large muscles to small muscles, choose a head that fits your body perfectly and experience a more detailed and satisfying massage.

Small Ball 

Suitable for large muscles such as arms, back, buttocks

small ball head



Suitable for areas such as the neck and shoulders around the lumbar spine

U shaped head



Deep stimulation of narrow muscles such as hands and soles

Bullet head


Flat Head

Stimulates joints and deep muscles

Flat head


point 07

Reliable 1-year warranty service

1-year warranty service

Bodyfriend does not neglect any of its product, and offers warranty for up to one year from the date of purchase. Use mini gun with confidence.

point 08

Small but long-lasting, high-performance battery


Please use it with confidence. The mini massage gun's built-in battery is a safe battery that has received KC safety certification. With a small, long-lasting battery, you can use it for up to 4 hours. To prevent overload, the one-time use time is set to 15 minutes, and automatically turns off after 15 minutes.

The maximum continuous use time may change depending on the intensity of use of the product and the load.


Mini massage gun is highly recommended for these people.

-You who are exhausted from childcare and housekeeping all day!

Sit on the sofa for a while and relieve the fatigue of the day with the mini massage gun

You who have stiff shoulders

-You who have stiff shoulders due to heavy work stress!

Lightly massage your neck and shoulders in the break room for a while.

someone who study

-You who sit for a long time and concentrate on your studies!

Combine the U-shaped head to gently massage the lower back

You who suffer from muscle pain after intense exercise!

-You who suffer from muscle pain after intense exercise!

Before resting, massage strongly around the area with a lot of muscle tension.

 Mini massage gun package

Product Specifications

product name: massage gun

model name: BFP-1000

Rating : 7.4Vd.c, 2200mAh

Continuous Use Time: 15 minutes

Size: 158 x 45.6 x 191.5mm

Weight: 414g

Safety Certification Number: XU102221-20001

Electromagnetic Compatibility Registration Number: R-R-TGA-BFP-1000


Problem Solution

When it’s not working

-Low on battery, charge immediately

Check power is on

Unable to recharge

-Check the connection between the charger and adapter

Warranty Service

-If a malfunction occurs under normal use, you can receive warranty care for the warranty period calculated from the date of purchase.

- The quality guarantee period of the massage gun is 1 year from the date of purchase.

-If this product is used for purposes other than massage, the warranty is not available.