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Auto Body Scanning
4D Massage Rollers That Transit Up, Down, Front, And Back
Auto Leg Adjust
Heating on Leg Unit
S&L Frame
Special Features Such as Full Body Massage, 4D Massage Rollers, And 2 Step Feet Roller
Other Features Such as High Quality Stereo Sound And Usb Port

Concentration mode helps to vitalize cognitive function
Mediation Mode That Helps to Relieve Accumulated Stress And Tension
Deep Sleep Mode that Stimulates a Restful Sleep
Massage Technique Helps You to Recharge an Energy Level
Massage technique for tense muscles
HighKey Product Specifications


  • Highkey massage chair is advised for height of 5’5 or lower. It is recommended for people with small shoulder width, women, teens, and adolescents.
  • Highkey massage chair does not have an arm, and will not massage the arm.
Recommended Height Range 5'5"
Reclining Angle 112°~136°
Lower Body Angle 18°~96°
Kneading Width 1.57in ~ 7.28in
Rated Power 24V-8.3A
Airbags Shoulders/Back/Hips/Calf/Feet
Product Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions Reclined
61.4in x 31.4in x 38.9in
Dimensions Upright 55in x 31.5in x 47.2in
Auto Timer 15min/20min



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