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What is Brain Massage?
Brain massage uses binaural beats embedded in our healing music to enhance cognitive performance. It is known to induce increased focus and concentration, foster positive moods, and provide more effective ways of relieving stress. Combined with our special kneading technique for the entire body, the Brain Massage programs promote deeper states of relaxation.

Bodyfriend's Patented Technology

Patent No. 10-1858927Massage Chair which enhances Concentration Through Brain Massage

Patent No. 10-1858928Massage Chair which conducts Brain Massage

Frontal Lobe

Parietal Lobe

Occipital Lobe

Did you know ?
Even when you're resting,
Your brain never rests.

The energy consumption of DMN accounts for
60-80% of total brain energy

* DMN(default mode network) : A network of interacting brain regions that is active when a person is at rest

Well Rested Brain Leads to
Improved Productivity.

Potential Causes of
Mental Fatigue




Physical Activity



Sleep Deprivation



Mental fatigue can manifest as
brain fog, lethargy, and even depression.
We have the solution.

Accumulation of brain fatigue
can cause

  • Decreased Body Function
  • Memory Loss
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Decreased Concentration
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Chronic Stress
  • Autonomic Nervous System Imbalance
  • Sympathetic Nervous System Imbalance

Binaural beats harness the brain’s
responsiveness to sound.
It is an auditory illusion that
creates the frequency experienced
during a meditation practice.

Binaural Beats are
the third sound that is created in the brain
when two sounds with varying frequencies enters each ear.

Our Brain Massage provides the ultimate experience
through Binaural beats embedded in our healing tracks
along with our special massage.

Binaural Beats + Healing Music
The sound that aligns with brainwaves and heighten concentration and memory levels

Special Massage
Customized full body massage that provides a deeper level of relaxation

"Can Brain Massage actually
increase focus and concentration?"
In case you are doubtful,

Our research paper on
Clinical Effect of Brain Massage is published in SCI
SCI : The World's Leading Journal of Science and Technology

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice
‘Science Citation Index’ Research Paper about Brain Massage
『The effects on mental fatigue and the cognitive function of mechanical massage and binural beats provided by massage chairs』

Bodyfriend Massage Chairs can
revitalize your mind through Brain Massage
and encourage brain activities.

Bodyfriend Massage Chairs with Brain Massage

LBF-750 LBF-750

Paraoh S Brain Paraoh S Brain

Rex L Brain Rex L Brain

Phantom Brain Phantom Brain

Palace Brain Palace Brain

Highkey Brain Highkey Brain

Introducing Bodyfriend's Medical R&D Center

Enjoy customized body scanning in the comfort of your home.
That is the future that we envision.

We house our own Medical R&D Center,
with a team of doctors and medical specialists to focus on improving the well-being of our customers.
Our R&D Center puts rigorous effort to create massage chairs that go beyond the current limits.

Bodyfriend Medical R&D Center's Achievements

Bodyfriend's exclusive patented features

Brain Massage

Massage Chair Which Increases Concentration Through Brain Massage Improves brain activities by combining special massage techniques and binaural beats embedded in healing music Patent NO. 10-1858927 / Patent NO. 10-1858928

Digestive Mode

Massage Chair Which Includes Digestive Mode A massage mode that aggressively targets acupoints on the back to help promote digestion Patent NO. 10-1851906

Rest Mode

Massage Chair Which Induces Better Quality Of Sleep A massage technique that gently massages the body along with healing music to encourage good sleep cycle Patent NO. 10-1179019

Magnetic Hand Acupressure Pad

Hand Acupressure Pad On Massage Chair Magnetic reflexology that massages acupoints on hands and conducts palm shiatsu Patent NO. 10-1779083

Zero Gravity

Reclining Feature Of Massage Chair Massage Chair sliding back and forth to reposition at best angle on zero gravity mode Patent NO. 10-1692959

6 Massage Roller Modules

Massage Chair Which Includes 6 Modules On The Back Adjustable back massage balls which provide a deeper massage all around the user's body Patent NO. 10-1750859

Hand/Arm Massage Unit

Massage Chair Which Massages Extensive Range Of Hands and Arms Detachable arm unit that provides acupressure massage for hands and arms Patent NO. 10-1178958 / Patent NO. 10-1189364

Lymphatic Mode

Massage Chair Which Helps Remove Toxins From The Body Pinpointed massage therapy to stimulate the lymphatic system on arms and legs Patent NO.10-2018-0040298

Calf Roller

Massage Chair Which Includes Calf Roller Rollers attached on the leg unit that fully massages the calf area Patent NO.10-2016-0101814