Massage chair for teenagers growing up

Stimulates around the growth plate
and Raises concentration and memory needed for academics
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With the keyword 'Growth' and 'Learning'
We developed a massage chair for children and adolescents.

  • Bodyfriend's Medical R&D Center has created
    HighKey after 10 years of dedicated research and development
    to promote children’s growth and ability to learn.
  • - Orthopedic surgeon Cho Soo-hyun (Head of BodyFriend Medical R&D Center)
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Growth Plate Stimulation Program

Highkey's patented “Growth Mode” stimulates the epiphyseal plates, also known as the growth plates, located in the vertebrae and the knees. Up to 140 Thermal Stimulus on the knees

Simultaneous stimulation on the Vertebrae and the Knee epiphyses

Highkey grasps the user's shoulders and feet to stretch the entire body stimulating the spine and the knee growth plates.

Spine and Upper Body Stretching

As it stretches the upper body, Highkey relieves pressure and stimulates the vertebral growth plate.

Knee and Lower Body Stretching

As the leg unit gently stretches the lower body, the air bags surrounding the knees provide thermal stimulus up to 140F in order to maximize the effect.

Learning Skills Improvement Program

Highkey's patented “Brain Massage Mode” revitalizes the mind
and improves cognitive performances.

Brain Massage to increase
Memory and Concentration

A clinically proven brain management solution with binaural beats

뇌 피로도 회복 속도:8.8배 증가 / 집중력 지속력:2배 증가 / 2.4배 증가

The World's First Brain Fatigue Solution
Brain Massage

Our research paper on Clinical Effect of Brain Massage is published in SCI.
* SCI : The World's Leading Journals of Science and Technology
Science Citation Index ‘Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice’

“The effects on mental fatigue and the cognitive function of mechanical massage and binaural beats (brain massage) provided by massage chairs”


Bodyfriend Exclusive.
HighKey's Special Features

  • Patent NO. 10-1675453Massage Chair that Stimulates the Growth Plate
  • Patent NO. 10-1915898Massage Chair with a Growth Plate Stimulating Function for Adolescent and Youth
  • Patent RegisteredAn Apparatus for a new massage with Epiphyseal Plate Stimulation
  • Patent NO.10-1858928Massage Chair which Conducts Brain Massage
  • Patent NO.10-1858927Massage Chair which Enhances Concentration through Brain Massage
  • Patent NO.10-1179019Massage Chair which Induces Better Quality of Sleep

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Bodyfriend Medical R&D Center’s Achievements

1.안마의자를 통한 뇌 휴식 효과를 검증, 2. 안마의자의 수면 효과를 세계 최초로 입증, 3.육아맘들을 위한 육아맘모드를 세계 최초로 개발, 4.림프마사지, 소화숙취모드를 세계최초로 개발, 5.노일들을 위한 실버모드를 세계 최초로 개발, 6.뇌파유도 사운드와 안마 프로그램을 접목시킨 브레인 마사지를 최초로 개발, 7.브레인 마사지를 이용한 임상 실험을 통하여 집중력, 기억력 샹상 입증, 8.브레인 SCI 저널 등, 9.성장기 청소년을 위한 하이키 안마의자를 세계 최초로 개발.

Bodyfriend HighKey Growth Research Institute

We are proud to introduce
a customized solution for children at the growing stage.