Child Growth

Stimulates Around The Growth Plate And Raises Concentration And Memory Needed For Academics
With The keyword 'Growth' And 'Learning', We Developed A Massage Chair For children And Adolescent

Growth Plate Stimulation Program
Full Massage
Simultaneous Stimulation On The Vertebrae And The Knee Epiphysis
Spine And Upper Body Stretching
Body Massage
Legs Massage
Knee And Lower Body Stretching
Learning Skills Improvement Program
Image Of Child Using The HighKey Massage Chair
Brain Massage To Increase Memory And Concentration
The World's First Brain Fatigue Solution, Brain Massage
Image Of The Research Paper On Clinical Effect Of Brain Massage Published In SCI
Bodyfriend Exclusive, HighKey's Special Features
HighKey Is Available In Mint And White Colors
Image of Bodyfriend Medical R&D Center’s Achievements
Bodyfriend HighKey Growth Research Institute


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