XD Massage Module


1. New conceptual massage that allows to transit from 4 massage rollers to 2 massage rollers depending on massaging area

- Provides optimized embracing massage for aching back muscles with 4 massage rollers
- Provides intensive and concentrated massage for tensed shoulder muscles with 2 massage rollers

2. Deep and wide XD Massage
- Provides kneading massage technique for wide areas by using long rotating axle of XD massage module
- Detailed and deep massage in the form of letter X

3. Ergonomic XD Massage Angle
- Provides different massage techniques depending on body area with possibility to adjust massage angles according to the massage technique
- Provides delicate massage for small muscles and intensive massage for big muscles
- Comfortable massage for which the massage angle was performed as it would appear in the massage done by human hands


Customized massage system that allows the user to set the range for back massage rollers to protrude along the contours of user’s body.

Black Level 1-5 - Provides deep massage though massage module as the level increases
Blue Level 1-5 - Provides intensive massage through massage balls as the level increases

XD Massage Program