BTN Galvanic Mask


Galvanic Mask includes 8 masks per pack with the recommendation of twice a week for 4 weeks.  

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Back to The Nature, For Effective Absorption of Active Ingredients Galvanic Mask
Facial Anatomy And Wrinkle Distribution Considered BTN Galvanic Mask

Reasons to choose BTN galvanic mask


The most effective solution to absorb good ingredients through the skin

The Most Effective Solution To Absorb Good Ingredients Through The Skin
premium aesthetic shop's secret, what is galvanic massage?
 A high-end skin massage method that uses iontophoresis to increase the penetration of various functional nutrients deep into the skin by using electrical properties that push out the same poles.


 Special sheet created with consideration of LED transmittance
Eco-friendly 100% cellulose material with excellent water retention rate. When the essence is inhaled, it changes like a gel and delivers a large amount of essence evenly to the skin. Excellent adhesion, no restrictions on activity after wearing, With excellent transparency, there is not much of effect reduction through LED.
 Special Sheet Created With Consideration Of LED Transmittance


 BodyFriend Medical R & D Center
 Bodyfriend Medical R & D Center professional Research and develops products through dermatologists and anti-aging specialists.
 Bodyfriend Medical R & D Center Professional Research And Develops Products Through Dermatologists And Anti-aging Specialists

Conductive mask sheet + serum 

Effect after 2 weeks of use

Conductive Mask Sheet + Serum, Skin Improvement after 2 Weeks Of Use
BTN's Proven Test Results Speaks For Itself
BTN Galvanic Mask Unique Features Such as Wrinkle Distribution Considered Conductive Pattern And Outstanding Transparency
Galvanic Mask Includes 8 Mask Per Pack With Recommendation of Twice a Week For 4 Weeks
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