GLED Mask

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An innovative skin care device that combines a galvanic massage function to the skin care effect of LED treatment.

Galvanic Massage that helps absorption of cosmetic ingredients.

Galvanic massage, a device that provides micro current stimulation to the skin, provides stimulation similar to massage by delivering a low micro current similar to the body’s natural current to the facial skin tissue. It also helps to absorb cosmetic ingredients deeper into the skin by increasing muscle tension.

LED Skincare System

Light treatment for skin beauty is aimed at improving skin elasticity, soothing skin and improving skin brightness by irradiating light to the skin. Since each LED wavelength has the unique characteristics of light absorption and the skin penetration depth is different, GLED mask is designed to irradiate light to the skin with a 780 light emitting module capable of outputting various wavelengths including near infrared rays.

UV Sterilization while charging

BTN GLED mask functions with superb hygienic capabilities. While the mask is being mounted and charged, a UV lamp is located on the surface of the holder facing the mask device, so when the device is operated, ultraviolet rays are emitted to sterilize and disinfect the surface of the mask that contacts the user’s skin.


Gled Mask Specification image

Length 7.8 inch 

Width 5.5 inch 

Height 11.8 inch 

Weight 1.3 lbs