White glove Setup

Bodyfriend’s White glove service
Our White glove service will bring and fully assemble the massage chair wherever you would like.

You do not have to lift a finger. Regular shipping includes delivery to your location, but not to indoors, and you will have to assemble it yourself. In our experience, most delivery people are very nice, and will usually bring it inside your garage or to your front door. However, they are not obligated to bring it indoors.


You should consider adding Indoor Setup & Assembly if you
Do not have someone to help you move the chair inside or move it upstairs.

Have health issues which could deter moving the massage chair.

Need help assembling the massage chair.

Want to save time and effort on installation process.

You would prefer to spend the extra money to insure high-quality service with great care.


What is white glove setup (also known as Indoor Setup & Assembly)?
White glove service refers to a high level of customer service in which the provider handles goods and products with great care and attention to detail. The term "white glove" comes from the image of a white-gloved hand delicately handling fragile items. This type of service is often associated with luxury goods, such as high-end furniture or art. It is also used for other products or services that require a high degree of care and attention. White glove service can also be used in healthcare, logistics or construction, such as specialized handling of medical equipment, delicate laboratory samples or priceless artifacts.


Some key elements of white glove service include:

Delivery and installation
White glove service often includes the delivery and installation of the goods or products. This may include setting up furniture, hanging artwork, or even  programming electronic devices.

Unpacking and assembly
The service provider will usually take care of unpacking and assembly of goods, ensuring that everything is in perfect working order before leaving the customer's premise.

Clean up
The service provider will clean up after the delivery and installation process is completed.

Personalized attention
White glove service providers often offer a more personalized level of customer service. This might include a dedicated customer service representative or a concierge-like experience.

Quality assurance
The provider will check the product thoroughly, inspects it and assures the customer of the quality of the product.

In a way, it is a premium service, which costs more but guarantees the best possible care of the product and service provided. The customer pays extra for this service but in return, they get a personalized and VIP level of service. Retailers and manufacturers that offer this type of service are able to differentiate themselves from their competition by providing a higher level of service and care. Overall, white glove service is all about providing an exceptional customer experience through personalized attention, high-quality service, and the handling of goods and products with great care and attention to detail.