Setup & Assembly Service

  • What is Indoor Setup & Assembly?

    Indoor Setup & Assembly means that they will bring it inside your home and fully assemble the chair wherever you'd like. You won't have to lift a finger.   Regular shipping includes delivery to your location, but not indoors.   In our experience, most delivery people are nice and will usually bring it inside your garage or to your front door. They are not obligated to bring it indoors, however.
  • Do I need Indoor Setup & Assembly or can I do it myself?

    Most customers do not need it and about 90% of our customers do not purchase it.   Massage chairs are generally delivered with the arms detached so it's lighter and easier to move.   Assembly basically entails attaching the arms to the base of the chair.   It's pretty easy and usually takes 20-30 minutes. If you have someone to help you move the chair, we generally recommend you save the money to buy something nice for a loved one instead :-) 
  • You should consider adding Indoor Setup & Assembly if:

    - you do not have someone to help you move the chair upstairs. 
    - you have health issues which could be a problem when moving the chair. 
    - you would prefer to spend the extra money to have someone do it for you.