Marvel Phantom II


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Phantom 2 Special Marvel Edition

 Extensive. Through.

Special Features Such as Full Body Air Massage, Massage Balls, And Roller Massage

BODYFRIEND's Premium XD Massage Module

Bodyfriend's Premium XD Massage Module
A customized massage system allows to set the range of the roller heads to protrude from the track which can provide a deeper massage along the contours of user's body.
Customized Massage System That Provides a Deeper Massage Along The Contours of User's Body

Auto Body Scanning

Auto Leg Adjust
Auto Leg Adjust

Specialized Leg Massage

Specialized Leg Massage

Other Features

Bluetooth Speaker With High Quality Stereo Sound
Heating feature
Bluetooth Speaker

High-quality stereo sound for brain massage & healing music

Adjustable back massage function up to 140°F

Zero Gravity Zero Wall Brilliant Space Saving Design For Reclining Mode

Zero Gravity

Zero Wall

Minimization of gravity to maximize massage effect
Brilliant space saving design for reclining mode
Premium Design Inspired by First Class Seating
Reclining Angle 115°~170°
Lower Body Angle 0°~90°
Kneading Speed 27~35 kneads per minute
Massage Module Width 1.25in
Heating Temperature Max 140°F
Power Supply 110V~120V
Rated Current 0.68A
Power Frequency 60Hz
Auto Timer 15 min.
Airbags Hips
Massage Balls Neck/Shoulder/Back/Waist/Buttocks
Product Weight 335 lbs
Outer Covering Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Reclined
78.7in x 33.5in x39in
Dimensions Upright 61in x 33.5in x 47.2in
Product Type Massage chair