W Water Purifier Brain


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A New Lifestyle Everyday, W Purifier Brain
Always Clean And Whenever You Need The Water!
Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel for Direct Pipes And Cork
Smart Reservation Sterilization Function
Directly From The Sink Faucet Hygienic Water Purifier

Six-level Filter in One, Optimal One Filter
Easy Filter Replacement by Yourself
Filter Smart Delivery, Filter Courier Delivery Service According to The Replacement Cycle
Ultra Slim Design
From Metal to retro Feel, Total 6 Colors Available
Direct Water Cooler With 3 Levels of Hot Water Control System And LCD Dial
Includes Instant Cold Water System, Water Purification System, And 3-Step Instantaneous Hot Water Control System
Various Brain Healing Music With Bluetooth Speaker
Extract The Water by Selecting The Temperature Through Purified Water Thermostatic Dial Then Use The Water Discharge Control Lever To Select The Water Quantity Then Start the Extraction Using Water Extraction Button
Includes Brain Music Button, Sterilization Button, Setting Mode Entry Button, And Cork Height Adjustment Lever
Image of The W Purifier Brain
Product Specification


Resistant material

The inner tube and the cork through which purified water flows and comes out are made of stainless steel.

Smart reservation sterilization function

The inner tube and the outer cork can be auto-sterilized at any time with 4 sterilization functions.

Optimal One filter

99.9% removal of rust bacteria, general bacteria, super bacteria and even the norovirus filter allows perfect water purification performance.

One touch filter replacement system.

Slim design with 6 colors available.