About Us

bodyfriend 2022 CES Booth Picture

Bodyfriend is

A global healthcare company that aims to design your life. 
Our mission is to extend the ‘Healthy Life Year’ of our customers by 10 years.

We have introduced and patented various innovative technologies of our time and received numerous awards from renowned institutions.
Each of our product displays exceptional design excellence combined with top of the line user experience.


We strive to realize the dream of a 10-year extension of our healthy lifespan.

Our mission is to extend the healthful life expectancy of human race by 10 years. With much advances in modern medicine, human life expectancy has been stretched quite long. However, healthful longevity, meaning living long healthily, has staggered in the same place; thus the difference between two longevities has aggravated. Bodyfriend forges ahead narrowing that very gap with more than 200 researchers in our research laboratory, design center, medical research center along with integrated research center, yielding the fruits of experiments. A 10 year extension of healthful longevity is not anymore an unattainable, distant dream.

Bodyfriend accepts the unprecedented challenge.

Bodyfriend pioneers a new path. With your health at our utmost concern, Bodyfriend has always challenged established ways and birthed innovative products. First medical R & D center, launched the first natural latex mattress bed brand, introduced the first water purifier with a straight pipe and a self-replaceable filter, the first brain-mental message machines, and the first massage chairs for juniors, to list a few. Bodyfriend has sought after the real solutions to help promote your health and well-being.

We strive for sensible luxury.

Bodyfriend esteems the value of a masterpiece and quality of health; thus, we pour all our available artistry and workmanship to create a masterpiece. Your body and soul, your lifestyle and views are our utmost importance. We strive to be more healthful and qualitatively better. To Bodyfriend, the meaning of luxury is not only confined to technology and design, but includes the happiness felt by the person who experiences Bodyfriend in any format. Healthy lifestyle, it is. Additionally, Bodyfriend developed a unique rental system, and through which we achieved sensible luxury in everyday of our customers.