Classy Rug

Massage Chair on the Classy Rug image

The tone-on-tone gray color and luxurious wool material complement a variety of flooring options. It offers both durability and practicality, making it an ideal choice.

Introducing the Bodyfriend Classy Rug—a massage chair exclusive rug designed to enhance your stylish interior while protecting your floor from dents.

Here are the key features of the rug:

1. Thick fabric: The rug is made of a thick and resilient material that is resistant to damage and provides a non-slip surface.
2. Solid weave: The rug is tightly woven, ensuring that the fibers do not shed or come loose easily, maintaining its quality over time.
3. Cozy cushion feeling: The rug features 12mm bristles that are densely woven, offering excellent cushioning and a soft touch for ultimate comfort.

With the Bodyfriend Classy Rug, you can enjoy the benefits of a massage chair while adding a touch of modern design and rich volume to your space.

Size: 59inch x 39inch