Agera Air Massage Chair

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Agera air, beyond a massage chair.

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Agera Air Color: Emerald Green


The Agera uses the 6-Matic massage system which uses 6 rollers to cover more backspace and give deeper massages than any other compact massage chair on the market.

The Agera has all the premium features you would find in luxury massage chairs. It also has a special mode that concentrates on the calves and the feet to maximize the use of the leg massage. This new model, Agera Air, also has newly added features that target specific areas of the body for better massage results.


  • [S&L Frame] Bodyfriend Agera Air massage chair features an ergonomic S&L Frame. S&L Frame best supports the body and massages the entire length of the body from the head down to the buttocks by conforming to the contours of the body. S frame fully massages from the head down to the waist while L-frame massages along the lower body from hip to thigh.
  • [12 Auto Modes] Agera Air offers 12 auto modes. Those are developed and programmed by medical doctors in Bodyfriend Medial R&D center, the only and the first Medical R&D center in the industry.
  • [Auto Body Scanning] Three-dimensional massage module provides customized massage based on the user's body shape.
  • [Leg Focus Mode] Calves Specialized ,calf rolling, sole rolling, leg airbag intensive massage for the leg massage area.
  • [Heating] Enjoy a warm massage through the back-heating function. There may be a temperature difference depending on the surrounding environment.
  • Free threshold delivery, 3-Year Limited Warranty

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Product Specifications
Reclining Angle 126°~153°
Lower Body Angle 0°~90°
Kneading Speed 19~32 kneads per minute
Tapping 188~650 taps per minute
Massage Width 6~20cm
Calves/Feet Soles
Power Supply 110V~120V
Rated Current 1.8A
Power Frequency 60Hz
Auto Timer 10min/20min/30min
Airbags Shoulder/Arm/Hip/Leg
Massage Balls Back/Buttocks (Spot&Range)
Product Weight 209 lbs
Outer Covering Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Reclined
63.7in x 30.7in x37.4in
Dimensions Upright 55in x 30.7in x 44in
Product Type Massage chair