Easy Daily Care at Home for Neck and Back Pain

March 21, 2023

First home medical device to offer full-body massage with medical device functionality, Phantom Medical Care

In the United States, the largest number of patients are receiving hospital treatment for diseases such as neck discs. In addition, there are a huge number of people suffering from neck and back diseases, including potential patients who are not able to receive hospital treatment. What's unfortunate is that even if you get hospital treatment, it's only temporary. That's why an environment where you can take care of your health every day at home is most important.

Neck Pain 

Phantom Medical Care is a home healthcare medical device that can help treat neck disc and degenerative stenosis and relieve back muscle pain just by sitting in a massage chair at home. It was developed by medical staff from various fields within Bodyfriend’s Medical R&D Center for those suffering from musculoskeletal diseases such as neck and back.

Originally, the cervical vertebrae should be C-shaped. However, as computer and smartphone usage increases, the cervical spine is deformed into a straight neck or reverse C-shape called a "Text Neck," and more and more people are experiencing minor discomfort to pain hindering movement. Phantom Medical Care uses airbags that expand and contract for the neck to help treat and prevent neck discs and degenerative stenosis while stretching the cervical spine.

Spine picture image

In particular, Phantom Medical Care is a massage chair with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) which can only be used in orthopedics or spinal hospitals. This means that it has an 'XD-PEMF' that combines a pulse electromagnetic field generator with an XD module, in which the massage module moves along the neck-back-pelvis/cerebral spin-thoracic spin-lava line to generate an electromagnetic field, relieving muscle and nerve pain.

 Phantom Medical Care Massage Chair

Phantom Medical Care also has an XD-Flex module that provides spring-like elasticity to the existing three-dimensional XD module. This allows flexible movement according to weight for delicate and smooth massages for small muscles and strong and deep massages for big muscles.

Phantom Medical Care is the only product that can relieve stress, and correct postures through a "full body" massage care, as well as relieve minor muscle pain by applying vibration and pressure to the whole body and warming the back and waist.